France Odeon. 9th Edition of the Festival of French Cinema in Florence

A’ vous la France! From 19 to 22 October in Florence, a show of French films


The 9th edition of France Odeon takes place from 19 October to 22 October and is one of the most important events of the Autumn season in Florence. It is a red thread that links France to our city, through the vision and documentation of the new French films. The show includes the screening of 12 films of various genres during the four days of the festival. It first started in 2008, and has immediately attracted the interest of all film-lovers. Important events have taken place year after year, and again this year there will be significant appearances and representations.


The first day, October 19, opens with the award to young artists who best represent the link between Italian cinema and French cinema. This year the award will be given to Sveva Altoviti and Louis Garrel, who interprets the famous director Jean-Luc Godard in the film La redoutable by Michel Hazanavicius. The film is set in 1968, a year that was marked by protests and student movements and suggestions that were coming from Mao’s China, but also centered on the love story between the director and Anne Wiazemski, a critical and problematic relationship during the Cannes Film Festival in 1968. It is with this biopic that the mythical director, who was among the greatest protagonists of the nouvelle vague, is meant to be celebrated. Movies like A bout de souffle, which marked a new way of representing the characters with intense close-ups quickly replaced by other perspectives of faces, brought an existential anxiety on the screen that well captured l’ésprit du temps (the spirit of the times).


Godard is also remembered for the mise en scene of Le mépris (The Contempt) with Brigitte Bardot and Michel Piccoli. Godard was undoubtedly one of the protagonists of ’68, featuring feature films on Maoism and the Vietnam War. An opportunity not to be missed to see in a particular perspective as director Godard tried to combine love life with sociopolitical aspirations as expressed in the film La Chinoise.


Other films in the program are dedicated to the daring relationship with their roots, childhood places as in Ce qui que nous lie, in English Back to Burgundy, and others like La Melodie with the problems of discomfort in the Parisian banlieu (suburbs).


Another topic is that of new parental forms, as in Diane a les épaules, which deals with the story of a girl who for her deep friendship towards her two friends, companions in life, agrees to become a surrogate mother, giving rise to crises and resentments that this choice will inevitably bring to all the protagonists. A topic that is at the center of debates in France, much less in Italy, and therefore the film deals with a very current issue.


Dedicated to an unforgettable protagonist of the 60’s is the Biopic Barbara.


Dedicated to the chanteuse (the singer) Barbara, who received huge success in France with George Brassens’ songs. Even in this film, we can observe all that French attention not to fall into the stereotypes tied with biographical films, centering the whole screenplay on the identifying relationship that rises between the actress who plays Barbara and her role, between the actress and the character. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in the section Un certain regard (A certain attention). Moreover, there is with a story dedicated to the most famous Parisian group that in the 30’s introduced jazz in the music beyond the Alps, the legendary Hot Club de France.


A welcome comeback is that of Fanny Ardant, the actress linked to François Truffaut. Lola Pater is a mysterious thriller that sees a much-changed Fanny Ardant and is set between the south of France and Paris.


As in the last few years, even this year, a series of appointments dedicated to the most innovative and experimental techniques on the representation and vision of images, are scheduled. An example of this is the conference that will take place at Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati on Well Educated Young people (to images) that will analyze education to images in a project that together with the Region of Tuscany will take life in schools.


Therefore, this is an occasion that should not be missed to dive into that fascinating climate, made of dreams and images tied to life, desire, nostalgia, society and the hope that is called “Cinema”.


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