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Gettin lost in the streets of Florence

The streets of Florence are a  labyrinth where get lost  Florence has a thousand faces, the most seen and celebrated one can be inscribed in a sort of circle going from Piazza Duomo, through Piazza Signoria, up until Palazzo Pitti. It is the itinerary par excellence, which is also called “the Grand Duke’s walk”, as the…


Florence: traditional treats in the Autumn and Winter

They have very ancient origins, prepared with typical seasonal foods, they are delicious: traditional Florentine sweets for winter days. In Florence, traditional sweets have a long history that gets lost over the centuries, following the rhythm of the seasons. As it happens in every city of the peninsula, the ingredients tell the story of a…


Cocktail Negroni’s origins

It appears that there are many variations of the cocktail Negroni, one of the more famous drinks in history. Generally speaking, it is composed of three parts, one third vermouth, one third bitter Campari, and one third gin. An orange slice should accompany all and – we would add – a bit of fiorentinità (being…


Florence and the Florentines’ fundamental habits

Florence is a city where its inhabitants are greatly tied to their habits, as these are special moments of relaxation that characterize a true Florentine. These are specific “traditions” that identify a “D.O.C.” Florentine. Therefore, here we want to advise our travelers, on how to live the true Florence, so forget about museums, churches and main streets. It…


From Florence to Fiesole, Between Nature and Art

Fiesole is one of the favorite destinations and in this period it is even more preferred thanks to the refreshing breeze there. Follow our suggestions.   Summer is the best moment to visit new cities and Countries. In fact, during this period of the year, the sun, perfumes and the sharp light, the long days…

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