A Romantic Stroll in Florence

A romantic stroll in Florence it’s lovers’ best way of discovering themselves thanks to the beauty of the territory.

Prevert, who was a connoisseur, wrote that lovers are always alone, oblivious of the places and suspended in the temporal ones. Nonetheless, some places with ancient, evocative and elusive  atmospheres can create the perfect scenery to that stupid thing called love.

Where to go, then? Leave the crowded old center which is too attractive for the compulsive shoppers and if him or her is a shopping addict, how could you have a romantic walk? Forget about the center and reach, with public transportation, by walking or bicycle the great San Domenico square, towards Fiesole (I would suggest walking as you could hug each other, talk, laugh and other things).

The city seems far, the sounds are muffled. You should pick a day in Spring or Autumn, an indefinite day, as, falling in love wants neither muggy heat nor north wind cold. The time of day should be past the afternoon when the pinkish shades color the Florentine hills. Stop there and look at the far Fort, farther the “pian dei Giullari” and the dark hill of the piazzale. Closer, you can look at the farms with their vast gardens with centuries old villas, as the beautiful one you can see on a curve as you climb towards Fiesole. This has pinkish ochre colors, colonnades and sloped gardens. It was owned by an aristocratic English family, where one of the descendants married a nobleman from Siena. She wrote much, including a diary detailing the war in Val di Chiana. You can easily imagine what was the noblewoman, Iris Origo’s  attitude towards beauty after living in this Garden of Eden ( do not yet focus on the Mephistophelean significance as it is not passion yet but falling in love). Look at the spring-like and colorful vegetation. If you were to catch a light rain you should find shelter in a fun lodge where to warm up. You are very much in love and you are ready for the walk up to Fiesole, staying on the right side, with the mimosas, cypresses, and fruit trees, all of which are shining thanks to the rain which has just passed. Now, set the lens towards the city and snap, than take a snap of yourselves: perfect background.

The path after the famous curve, where the street splits,  and the right path takes to Settignano, another romantic place (but this is another story), becomes steep, but lovers walk in a light way, defeating the common laws of Physics or at least the ones of magnetic attraction.

As you continue walking up the timeless hill, by passing through the temporal sand of the hourglass flowing in your chests, look to the left. Hold your breath and by concentrating a bit you can understand that beneath your feat lies a marvelous city, which is Florence. The city smiles at you as a loyal lover, from the valley where the Etruscans, the Romans and the Florentines have begun their path towards splendor.

You have now reached piazza Mino da Fiesole, here you can relax wherever you want and after drinking or eating something you can start walking up the San Francesco’s climb. Up there, over the clouds you will experience a breathtaking vertigo balanced by your love. Up there you can see far away the green synagogue, the bell houses of the Florentine churches, and the ellipse of the stadium (it is ok to be a football fan, but not as Ivano was in Carlo Verdone’s “Viaggi di Nozze). Furthermore, is Brunelleschi’s proud cupola, the northern neighborhoods with their green pockets, Stibbert’s, the orticultural gardens and Montughi. To the south the river touches Rovezzano and the peaks towards Vallombrosa can be seen.

The evening is approaching and you would like to return to the center of Florence. No, do not think about taking bus number 7. Go back to the main square and take the steep road to the right and start descending. Walls and buttresses surround the road. These may remind you of the fanatic but poetic genius D’Annunzio’s “La Sera Fiesolana” and feel transformed with all the scents, the wind that announces the evening, the musk and the ivy.  Maybe, now, the dim lamp radiates a flickering light and the magic is not interrupted. On the contrary, like in Ovid’s Metamorphosis, you are transformed in fairytale creatures. Now run, run towards San Domenico. The moment has passed, the night has arrived, you are not simply lovers anymore and it is time for more opportune places.

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